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September 6, 2016 Elegant and Lace Baby Girl Session | Houston Newborn Photographer Moms usually are the ones who approach me for their baby's session. But this time, dad booked the session for his newborn girl, Joanna, before leaving the country for a business trip. He was in such a... VIEW POST
August 13, 2016 My Newborn Photography Journey | Houston Newborn Photographer I was a hobbyist in 2008 when my husband got our first DSLR - Canon 350D. So when my first daughter was born, I was taking pictures of her almost everyday. I knew nothing about newborn photography at ... VIEW POST
August 12, 2016 I Heart Packaging | Houston Newborn Photographer I have been in love with packaging gifts since I was a little girl. Even now if I play White Elephant at Christmas, my friends can tell which gift is from me simply by how nicely it's being packaged. ... VIEW POST
August 10, 2016 Mini Holiday Sessions | Houston Family Photographer Natural golden light. Warm hugs. Emotional connections... Now it's time to get your holiday card portraits! You'll be happy to have this crossed off your to-do list. Limited times are offered. C... VIEW POST
August 9, 2016 Warm and Sweet Family Session | Houston Family Photographer Now Booking Mommy & Me Mini Sessions | Houston Family Photographer | Teresa Yiu Photography Warm breeze. Giggles. Hugs and kisses. Handpicked wild flowers from the field. It was a warm and sweet evening full of memories. This lovely family, coming from thousands of miles away, will never reg... VIEW POST
August 5, 2016 Why I Printed and Framed My Children’s Pictures | Mix & Match Wall Gallery | Product Spotlight Like many other photographer moms, I'm guilty of not taking enough pictures of my own children. Well, I do this for a legitimate reason - to be present in their childhood. Instead of wearing my camera... VIEW POST
July 29, 2016 A Peek at My Workspace | Houston Newborn Photographer My desk is my happiest place. This is where I spend hours in front of the screen editing images, replying client emails, and writing blogs. The centerpiece of my desk is my 27-inch iMac with 5K... VIEW POST
July 23, 2016 Baby Sebastian | Houston Newborn Photographer Custom photography is an investment, and I want my clients to get exactly what they want. During our pre-session consultation meeting, mom told me how she loved nude baby blissfully asleep. So I made ... VIEW POST
July 22, 2016 Giclee Fine Art Print | Houston Newborn Photographer If I were to choose one product that I absolutely adored, it would definitely be our Giclee Fine Art Print. I can assure you, these stunning, high quality prints will blow your mind away. Our Fine ... VIEW POST
July 19, 2016 What’s My Favorite Lens? | Houston Newborn Photographer Every photographer has their favorite lens, one that they use in every session, one that they just can't live without. Eight years ago when I owned my first DSLR, I fell in love with my 50mm f/1.4. I ... VIEW POST
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