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5 Easy Ways to Prepare Kids for a Photo Session | Houston Family Photographer

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Have you ever wondered why all my little clients look so happy in the images? The secret is, I always work with the parents to plan for a relaxing and fun photo session together. Regardless of your parenting style, I am sharing a few tips in this blog post to help you prepare your kids for a photo session:

1. Back To The Basics

Most children are happy when their basic needs are satisfied: a healthy body, a good rest, and a full tummy. I always advise my clients to contact me in advance to reschedule their session if their kid is sick. No tricks will help a sick child engage and smile authentically in front of the camera, and I would rather have them rest at home and come back the next week or so. Remember that our immune system is most boosted when we (even adults) rest well, so try not to over-schedule activities the week of your session. Rest well on your big day, try your best to help your little ones take a nap. Last not be least, a full tummy makes all the difference.

2. Bring A Comfort Item (and some treats for bribery!)

For some kids, meeting a stranger (me!) can seem scary. They simply don’t understand we are trying to accomplish. A comfort item (in neutral color) will help them feel safe, without taking away the attention of the photos. For other kids (like mine), they will willingly cooperate with any kind of special snacks. Baby Puffs, Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits, and Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks are a few of my favorites.

3. It Is Not The Time To Discipline

Although I may seem like a “nice” parent, I will not let my own children slip away with an attitude or bad manner. BUT, I have to admit that, when photographing them, I put my discipline hat away. As I observe my children over the years, I realize that discipline is always emotion-provoking. I often end with a hug and tell them I love them, but sometimes our relationship doesn’t mend right away. Save your discipline later, or, even better, let them slip away just this one time, because it’s a special moment for your family. You want them to look back at the photos and remember the cuddling and the laughters, not the discipline behind the scene.

4. Keep It Short And Sweet

Little children have nonexistent attention span. The best way to keep them engaged is to keep the session short and sweet. I have control over all other factors (location, lighting, posing, composition of the photos), so I often can snap pictures very quickly.

5. If All Fail, Relax!

No matter how well we have planned and prepared, your children may have an off day, and it’s okay! A lot of my little clients were throwing a tantrum at the session and you can’t even tell from viewing their images. So relax! When you’re relax, your children will sense it and more likely to feel relaxed too.

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