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Baby Logan Photos | Minimalistic Newborn Photography | Houston Newborn Photographer NEWBORNS Growing up as the youngest in my family means being the one well cared for, and oftentimes, most spoiled. It was not about how much physical things or experience my parents could afford for me, it... READ MORE What’s In My Bag? | Houston Newborn Photographer NEWBORNS I believe that what I carry inside my handbag can tell you a lot about my personality -  minimalist, naturalist, and lover of books. I love carrying my petunia pickle bottom downtown tote (mine is... READ MORE Pure Baby Girl Photos | Houston Newborn Photographer NEWBORNS Pure Baby Girl Photos | Houston Newborn Photographer | Teresa Yiu Photography I’m so in love with this session because it’s filled with all of my favorite things: plenty of white and honest expressio... READ MORE Baby Yelena’s Glimpse | Sugar Land Newborn Photographers NEWBORNS First newborn session in 2018! Baby Yelena is such a daring. Teresa Yiu Photography is an organic fine art portrait studio specializing in {simple. elegant. authentic.} maternity, newborn, baby and... READ MORE Pearland Infant Photographers | Photos for New Baby Jasper NEWBORNS New year. New beginning. But nothing is more exciting than bringing a fresh little human, a new baby to your home. Baby Jasper was such a calm boy who enjoyed his morning nap so much that he slept ... READ MORE Jasper’s Glimpse | Houston Newborn Photographer NEWBORNS With great joy and love we welcome Baby Jasper! ♥ Expecting your baby in 2018? CLICK HERE TO INQUIRE ABOUT YOUR NEWBORN SESSION. Your investment today will be cherished for many many years. Teres... READ MORE Fresh and Pure White Baby Girl Photos | Houston Newborn Photographer NEWBORNS Have you ever dreamed a house where everything is purely white? I have! When I was a teenage, I read a novel that the main character lived in such a house, and I still remember how beautiful it was in... READ MORE Hope for the Heart | Baby Emery | Houston Newborn Photographer NEWBORNS What do you value most in your life? I believe after the Hurricane many people have changed their definition of home from its physical address and structure, to the togetherness of the whole family. A... READ MORE Dreamy Baby Boy Photos | Houston Newborn Photographer NEWBORNS Freshness. Endless possibilities. Boundless joy. I love newborns as they give us a hope for the future. As many of us are still recovering from the storm, whether financially or emotionally, I pray th... READ MORE Pure and Fresh Baby Boy Photos | Houston Newborn Photographer NEWBORNS I rarely have dads contacted me to book a newborn session. But when dads are willing to set aside time from their busy schedule, in order to research for a professional photographer for their newborn,... READ MORE