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I Almost Closed My Business in 2018

I Almost Closed My Business in 2018 | From My Heart | Teresa Yiu Photography

I can’t believe I’m writing this blog post! I have decided to open my heart and share my struggles, and with perseverance, how things have changed in my business and all the good things that follow. My hope is to encourage you to move forward with your life and/or your dream, even when things get hard.

This morning, as I was flipping through my PowerSheets (a tool I use for goal-planning), I was reminded of the feeling of failures in 2018 and amazed at all the transformations happening this year. I ended 2018 full of frustrations and uncertainties in my business. The industry was saturated (and still is!). Technically and professionally, I was still not at where I had hoped to be. I struggled to define my purpose and mission and direction. I felt hopeless and almost wanted to give up.

It is always exciting to start something new. I still remember those late-night nursing with Noe. back in 2015, when I spent all my awake hours drafting my business plan and setting up my company. I was full of hope and dreams, and thought the journey would be as smooth and easy as I thought. But years went by, I fell into the traps of comparison and distractions, I felt stuck and paralyzed to move forward anymore. Staying didn’t feel as easy as starting.

So I welcomed 2019 with the word “Purpose” and decided to spend a whole year praying and discovering the purpose and direction for my business. I signed up for Katelyn James‘ business course for photographers, encircled myself with other like-minded photographers, and decided that 2019 would be the year of transformation for my business. I am so glad I chose to stay instead of giving up, It’s only been 10 months since I made that decision and look at all these amazing changes in my business:

None of these great things would have happened if I decided to give up in 2018. Most importantly, none of these would have happened without your love and support. I am thankful that 2019 has been a good year for my business, and I am excited to welcome a new season of business and motherhood (expecting our third child) in 2020!


  • Loved this post! I could’ve written this same a couple of years ago. So happy to hear your successes especially with the KJ Business journey!! Love our little community. ❤️ Congrats on baby 3! I had my third baby girl earlier this year, and she’s the happiest baby in the world! Can’t wait to follow along more of your journey. 😊

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Alisha! I am so thankful for our little community and like-minded friends like you! Congrats on your third baby girl! ❤️


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