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Hello, I’m Teresa Yiu, and I am an APNPI certified newborn photographer based in Houston, Texas. I hope you will grab some coffee and enjoy viewing our latest work, browsing useful resources for families, and getting a little peek into our life!

My Business Journey | Houston Newborn Photographer

My Business Journey | Houston Certified & Safe Newborn Photographer | Teresa Yiu Photography

Still remember those sleepless nights with a newborn in your arms? Those nights were most precious in my life, especially when I brought home my rainbow baby, Noe. I loved to keep my bedside lamps on while savoring that cozy moment with her, knowing that one day she wouldn’t need me anymore. I would cuddle her as much as I could, put her down, and then open up my laptop. When my mind was still foggy most of those days, God planted a dream in my heart. So, with a kindergartner and a newborn baby in my arms, I started my photography business in 2015.

During those sleepless nights, I learned everything I could about starting a legal business and managing everything on my own. Google was my best friend. Three months later, I went back to work, finished up my projects and said good-bye to my past dream as a scientist. In the next two years, I transitioned to teaching part-time at a private school while running my business and learning as much as I could on the side. I quickly fell in love with newborn photography – there is something in that freshly-born human beings that just captures my heart. I spent so much time searching for my own styles, and honestly, at times, I felt quite lost and didn’t know where to go. What was more disappointing, was that if you googled “Houston Newborn Photography,” countless results would show up. I asked myself the same question over and over again, “How am I going to distinguish myself and my style from the rest of the world?”

2017 and 2018 were good years for me as my client base started to build up. I no longer needed to teach at school since God opened a door for me to teach college students online, which freed up a lot of my time and gave me the flexibility I had always longed for. Even when things were going so well, I still struggled with my identity and the direction of my business, whether or not I should even continue this journey. Until I met my mentor, Katelyn James, who has totally transformed the way I look at my business now.

In 2019, I purposefully scale down and devote my whole year to Katelyn’s business course, because I need the time to go back to neutral with God in order to discern where He wants me to land on next. Here are a few things I have learned:

  • The purpose of my business is not just about making profit. It’s more about using my gift to change other people’s lives, to bring them joy through photographing their family’s legacy.
  • It’s OK to be me, to be authentic and to let others into my life.
  • At this season of my life, family is my top priority.
  • Although I can’t spend ALL of my time on my business, I can still offer great experiences to my clients.
  • Let me be honest, I do most of my office work and editing when my kids are asking for a snack or constantly talking to me. I have learned to use pockets of time to get stuff done, and be consistent with my work schedule.

Most importantly, I have learned not look at what others are doing. I was shocked to know that despite the popularity of newborn photography, there are only a handful of certified photographers in Houston. I knew that if I were to go after this passion, safety would be my top priority. So I moved forward with my dream, began the process of getting certified and got accepted with my application the first round.

The last few months have been great, a lot have been going on behind the scene, most changes you probably won’t notice yet, but I no longer fall into the trap of comparison. I am more confident and I love being true to myself as an artist – It’s a life-giving job that I’m so thankful for! 

Houston Certified & Safe Newborn Photographer | Teresa Yiu Photography