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Hello, I’m Teresa Yiu, and I am an APNPI certified newborn photographer based in Houston, Texas. I hope you will grab some coffee and enjoy viewing our latest work, browsing useful resources for families, and getting a little peek into our life!

Our Family in October

Last month, I shared my struggle to take pictures of our own family and my determination to blog about our family life every month. Although I am trying to finish up photo sessions in October and life has been so busy, I slowed down and made some progress on our family photos (and I’m so glad I did!).

As I officially entered third trimester this month, and with so many other commitments in my life, I have done a few things to cultivate self-care when I needed it the most:

  • Brought fresh flowers to our table.
  • Started planning and visioneering for 2020 using my new Powersheets (more on that in my December post).
  • Cooked delicious meals: peach and sour cream pancake (pictured below), Aussie cookies (oh the smell of coconut flakes and organs zest!!), seafood mornay. My kids and I also made a pavlova cake after reading about the great ballerina Anna Pavlova.
  • Finally finished watching the complete set of Lord of the Rings during our date night!!! (I know, I’m so late in the game…)

Homeschool life:

  • Things are going well at school in October, but it has not always been full of sprinkles and confetti.
  • We had a hiccup earlier in the school year as Em. struggled (and cried) for three months straight in math. We finally decided to change to a new curriculum this month and it’s been the best decision ever! Our homeschool journey has taught me that every child learns differently, and it is my job to guide them in the process with humility and love.
  • Since Em. is back on track, I now have more time to spend with Noe. She loves handwriting and finally knows all her alphabets! She begs me to read to her all day long and we continue to work on her letters & sounds. She spends most of her day talking to her stuffy animals and making up songs while playing Lego. But I make sure to have fun learning activities ready at hand each month, and she also tags along with our unit studies.


  • In October we celebrated our kitten Frostine’s first birthday! She is the first pet ever living with me in my life and there have been a lot of adjustments. But I never regretted saying yes to my family, as my husband and the girls love and begged me for a cat for years! We adopted her last Christmas and we are so grateful that she is now a healthy, joyful cat. She loves to snooze all day and goes to her little bed right at 10 PM and sleep till 4 AM the next day! She enjoys a good meal as much as the rest of our family. She’s our baby forever! 🎀💕 Happy Birthday, Frostine!!

Family fun things to do:

  • We went to the zoo with our homeschool friends earlier this month, learned and met in-person a northern porcupine, touched a lizard, rode on the carousel seven times! Noe. came home having a low fever for several days, but she was fine after that. I guess we were exhausted from all the walking!!
  • Em. and Noe. were so excited to attend our church‘s Fall Festival. This year I made matching costumes for them and they had a great time painting pumpkins and eating root beer ice cream floats. We always end our evening with a hayride around our church campus. It’s something that they look forward to each year!
Family in October | Personal Post | Teresa Yiu Photography
My favorite way to spend a Saturday morning.
Their smiles always make my day when I feel like giving up.
Getting things organized makes my life as a teacher so much easier.
I love watching her little fingers tracing the letters.
Finally, no more crying in math!!!
Family in October | Personal Post | Teresa Yiu Photography
Aww! We snapped a few pictures during school because it’s Frostine’s first birthday!
She looks so adorable on her cat tree!
Family in October | Personal Post | Teresa Yiu Photography
Her sleepy look. LOL.
Family in October | Personal Post | Teresa Yiu Photography
We love you FOREVER, Frostine!!
Family in October | Personal Post | Teresa Yiu Photography
Her beautiful blue eyes.
Family in October | Personal Post | Teresa Yiu Photography
These two!!
Family in October | Personal Post | Teresa Yiu Photography
All the pumpkins!!
Family in October | Personal Post | Teresa Yiu Photography
My first handmade costume.
Family in October | Personal Post | Teresa Yiu Photography
Noe. said the pumpkin was really heavy. LOL.
Family in October | Personal Post | Teresa Yiu Photography
Em. loved painting the pumpkin every year.

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