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Once Upon A Dream Series Vol.1 | If We Only Have Patience

Once Upon A Dream | If Only We Have Patience | Houston Dance Portrait Photographer | Teresa Yiu Photography

“Every God-given vision will become real if we only have patience” ~Oswald Chambers

Do you have a dream? This quote was written on the first page of my journal as I first started my photography business in 2015. I still keep coming back to it and be amazed at how God has established my steps along the way.  I’m so excited to start a new blog series called “Once Upon A Dream” to inspire you with women who still have a dream and how their dreams come true. I believe that everyone should be a dreamer. Even though it took Kalette, owner of Beautiful Feet Studio, 15 years to see her dream come true, God has been faithful and makes everything work together for her own good. I hope that this interview will truly inspire you to pursue after your own dream.

Teresa: Hi, Kalette, welcome, and congratulations for being the first woman featured on my blog series “Once Upon A Dream”. Would you briefly introduce yourself?

Kalette: Hi there Teresa and wonderful blog readers! And I cannot tell you how grateful I am not only to be featured in your blog, but especially to be the first woman in the “Once Upon a Dream” Series! Being selected for this specific honor is particularly special to me because I am in a season of my life right now where I literally wake up everyday, start going about my routine, and ask myself, “Is this really my life? Or am I dreaming?!” I am 31 years old, married to my incredible husband Jeremy of 7 years, and have 4 little pups and hundreds of spiritual children! I am living a BIG Dream that God placed in my heart when I was just a kid to start a dance and arts studio of a very special kind to serve children and adults in Fort Bend County and around the world.


Teresa: When did God put His beautiful dream in your heart? How did it all happen?

Kalette: Well, it is quite beautiful actually!  The name of the studio is Beautiful Feet Studio of Dance & The Arts! It all started over 15 years ago when I was a sophomore at Foster High School here in Richmond, TX. It was the very first year the school was opened; I was a member of the second graduating class. I was a Foster Flair and thrilled to be a charter member of such an awesome dance team made up of Lamar Fillies and Terry Rangerettes working together to create something new and different! I had taken studio dance classes since I was 7 years old among a plethora of other types of classes including piano lessons, fine arts, photography, etc… I loved all of the arts, but was particularly drawn to dance! I just loved how I could express myself and communicate clearly in a passionate way through movement and found that teaching others how to do the same lit me up! It was when I was 15 years old that God planted a seed in my heart… A seed that took root and grew deep into my soul…A seed that was Beautiful Feet Studio. I had a dream of building a studio of a different kind: a studio that would glorify God and help others to know His love for them!

Once Upon A Dream | If Only We Have Patience | Houston Dance Portrait Photographer | Teresa Yiu Photography

Teresa: How has God equipped you throughout this journey?

Kalette: I suspect that God has done more to equip me than I even realize… Each day as I face new surprising challenges and unexpected situations, I feel overjoyed to find that I can handle each one peacefully and confidently. At a very young age, I knew that I was made to be a leader…it was built into my DNA. My mother tells the story of me as a 3 year old in a baby beauty pageant completely disregarding the fact that I was in a competition and rather spending my energy and attention on walking down the line of other contestants, showing, telling, and directing each of them to smile and wave, helping “equip” them to do their very best in the competition. Hah! This story makes me laugh every time because it is true Kalette fashion. I love empowering and equipping others to be the very best version of themselves! My parents both worked incredibly hard their entire lives to send my younger sister Kristina and I to fantastic private schools in the area, Holy Rosary Catholic School and Calvary Episcopal School. After high school, as I carefully considered where to attend college, God led my parents and I to Baylor University in Waco, TX. Besides the powerful influence of my incredible parents, grandparents, great-grandma’s, aunts, uncles, and many other family members and friends, I attribute a great amount of my knowledge and “equipping” to Baylor University. During my time there is when God re-clarified the calling He had put on my life to serve Him and serve people through a dance/arts studio that would glorify Him. During my college years is when God opened a door for me to travel on my first “mission trip” ever, which just so happened to be to Uganda, Africa on the other side of the world… Let’s just say my parents weren’t so thrilled at first. It was during these years that God broke my heart for what breaks His heart. He broke my heart for the devastatingly sick and poor. He broke my heart for the emotionally hurting. He broke my heart for the orphan, the sick, the physically restricted, the modern day slave trapped in human trafficking… He broke my heart for a lot of things. He also showed me during this time that I was not only a leader, but also a gifted business person… gifted by Him to do business for His glory.  For 3 years while attending school at Baylor University, I was a manager for the student program of Baylor Dining Services overseeing, staffing, and helping lead all of the restaurants and dining halls on campus totaling over 400 employees. Shortly after leaving Baylor, I worked in management for Wal-Mart for three years learning tons about the retail industry and how to successfully use technology in business.  Since then, for the last 6 years up until last winter, I’ve managed two Chick-fil-A restaurants in the area under the direction of the Owner/Operator, Quart Graves. Mr. Graves is an incredible man of God with a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness over his life, and working under his leadership was one of the most powerful “equipping” experiences I have had. For my last two years with him, I served as his Director of Operations over his two stores, leading a team of more than 150 employees, 50 of which I assisted and developed into leadership roles. Over the years, I’ve been through some “ups” and some very low “downs,” during which I have learned to trust Him more. I thank God for the low points because without experiencing these, I would be lacking in some very essential skill sets it has now become clear that I need to work in some very unique ministry opportunities that the Lord has provided.

Once Upon A Dream | If Only We Have Patience | Houston Dance Portrait Photographer | Teresa Yiu Photography

Teresa: I know that a friend of yours is going to hike in the Sierra Mountain Range this Summer in order to raise funds for you to buy land. Would you tell me more about it?

Kalette: Yes! This is ONE of the most exciting miracles that God has done in this process thus far! My friend Christie Taylor and I sat down to brunch one Saturday morning a little over a month ago, and she told me after several hours of wonderful conversation that she had something she wanted to share with me regarding Beautiful Feet… I listened intently, as I had no idea what she was about to tell me, and could have never guessed even if I tried! She proceeded to tell me that she was planning a trip to the Sierra Mountain Range in the end of June, specifically the Pacific Crest Trail. She had been dreaming of hiking this trail since she was in the 9th grade and had decided that this summer she was going to hike a 599.1 mile portion of it for approximately 40 days… I was thrilled to hear all of this, but was a little confused as to how this had anything to do with Beautiful Feet; she had started the conversation with this precursor. What she said next shook my world and strengthened my faith more than anything ever has! She told me that God interrupted her in her planning process and asked her to use her hike as a fundraiser for Beautiful Feet Studio. In the very same breath she shared that she kept thinking of the story in Jeremiah in which God asks him to purchase land while he is in prison… this stood out to her because it didn’t make any sense… Jeremiah was in prison. BUT God asked him to, and he was faithful. Christie had NO idea what she was even saying. Up until this point for the previous 11 months, I had been only searching diligently for a space to lease. Christie was not aware that only weeks before, through another series of extremely miraculous events, I was led to believe that God was asking me to buy land. Then the following week when I had shared this with no one, He confirmed this through another person who shared they believed God was asking me to buy land. Then the following week, THIS! Then, as if that weren’t enough, a couple of weeks later, another person who I hadn’t caught up with in months shared a dream they had of me buying land just earlier that week. So… just to give you all a little background, Beautiful Feet Studio gets its name from a scripture in Isaiah 52 that says “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news…” So, not only was what Christie was telling me she was going to do so incredible because it was not only a confirmation of what the Lord was asking me to do AND potentially providing a means to do so, but in addition, God was using her to become a literal and physical portrayal of the foundational scripture of Beautiful Feet…which is what art is… it is a portrayal of a word or a concept. It takes something intangible and makes it something you can touch, see, feel, hear… Art brings words to life! I promptly hit the restaurant table rather aggressively and asked her to “just stop!” Haha! Thus, the beginnings of our Sponsor A Step 40 Day Prayer Journey! We are looking for Prayer Partners and Step Sponsors to join us in laying the physical, financial, and spiritual foundation for the ministry that is springing forth from the partnership between Beautiful Feet Studio of Dance & The Arts and the non-profit organization Hand Picked, Inc. 501c3! You can visit www.sponsorastep.com to learn more about Christie’s journey and partner with us in our mission of “bringing good” through the arts!

Once Upon A Dream | If Only We Have Patience | Houston Dance Portrait Photographer | Teresa Yiu Photography

Teresa: Would you tell us more about your studio? What kind of classes do you offer?

Kalette: Beautiful Feet Studio is a place where students of any age ranging from 3-70 can have a joyful experience of training in artistic excellence! We are also really unique in that we provide our members with opportunities to serve in the community by sharing the joy and good they’ve gained through the arts with others! These are called “Bringing Good” Events! We have multiple satellite locations all around Fort Bend County and are working toward having our first very own home site location THIS FALL! With satellite campuses in Richmond, Rosenberg, and Stafford, no matter where you live in Fort Bend County, we will have a class for you! We offer a broad range of dance styles including both the traditional studio classes like ballet, jazz, modern, and hip-hop and some non-traditional classes like healing movement, improvisational engagement, and many others! In addition, we have purchased beautiful large custom drafting tables designed and built just for Beautiful Feet Studio to host a wide variety of fine arts classes most immediately including acrylic painting, soft pastels, and drawing. Finally, once we are able to build our own facility to house everything we’ve been called to do, we are partnering with GEN Music Academy to offer a wide variety of musical instrument and vocal lessons on site! This summer we are hosting fantastic 2-day camps called CREATE! Students ages 6-15 years old are invited to join us in the gyms of Calvary Episcopal Preparatory and Living Water Christian School to explore the beautiful art of dance and several other performing and fine arts in light of the Great Love of our original CREATOR! We hope you’ll come out and join us! Simply email me at Kalette@beautifulfeetstudio.com for more information and to enroll your child today!


Teresa: Thank you so much for your time. I’m really excited for your dream as it’s becoming true now!

Kalette: Thank you so much Teresa! Thank you for inviting me! I am so grateful for God’s Hand in my life connecting me with you! Thank you for the beautiful pieces of artwork that you create, capturing precious moments in people’s lives by the special use of His Marvelous Light! Blessings to you and all of your readers!