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Once Upon A Dream Series Vol.2 | There Is A Season

Once Upon A Dream | There Is A Season | Makeup Artist Keri Ann | Houston Portrait Photographer | Teresa Yiu Photography

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” ~Ecclesiastes 3:11

If you have little ones at home, your life is probably being interrupted constantly. You dream of having “me time” while you are already sleep-deprived. But Moms, I want to encourage you today that there is a season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Before you know it, your little ones will be leaving your home for their life journey. So accept interruptions as part of your season right now, and trust me, you will be able to invest more time for your career and your hobby again one day. Treasure your love ones. Enjoy them. Look into your children’s eyes, hug them and kiss them as much as you can.

I’m honored to interview Keri Ann for “Once Upon A Dream” Vol.2. Keri Ann is an on-location makeup artist specializing in natural & classic makeup. She is a well-established professional MUA and was nominated by Expertise.com as Top 20 List of Houston’s Makeup Artists in 2017. But when her son was young, she decided to put family first and waited till 2012 to launch her freelance business. Now that her son is graduating from high school and in this season she’s ready to pursue after her own dream.

Once Upon A Dream | There Is A Season | Makeup Artist Keri Ann | Houston Portrait Photographer | Teresa Yiu Photography
Teresa: Hi Keri Ann, it was so nice knowing and finally meeting you through my client. Welcome to my blog series “Once Upon A Dream”. Would you briefly introduce yourself?

Keri Ann: Thank you for inviting me to join you, Teresa! I am a makeup artist with over 20 years of experience in helping women find skin care and makeup solutions. I began retailing skin care products, but my knowledge and expertise with makeup evolved as women sought my help and advice. I launched my freelance makeup artistry business in March of 2012.

Teresa: I rarely wear makeup because I’m afraid to look fake and bold. But the makeup you did for my client was perfectly natural. I looked at her in my high-definition images and she looked flawless. What kind of makeup was that?

Keri Ann: I have learned that natural makeup artistry really is my specialty. Most of my clients are just like you and wear very little to no makeup at all. Instead of attempting to redefine facial features, I choose to enhance the features God gave each one of my clients.

On the client you are referring to, I applied traditional liquid makeup foundation and used concealer and a variety of application techniques. I am so glad you though it looked flawless, as we had quite a few blemishes to conceal. I never get to see the raw images, but am pleased when photographers rave about my work!

Teresa: You’re truly a photographer’s best friend. You’ve made my post-processing job a lot easier! Coming back to your dream as a makeup artist, when did God put it in your heart? How did it all happen?

Keri Ann: I have always enjoyed working with women. I always thought makeup was my hobby/fun money, but when I was a corporate chaplain, I began to realize how much a woman’s perception of her outer appearance affected her inner thoughts. I often wished I could have blessed some of my most discouraged chaplain clients with a makeover. It took several years of other people affirming my talents before I took the “leap of faith” to do free-lance work.

Teresa: How has God equipped you throughout this journey?

Keri Ann: I often told myself I was not qualified to be a makeup artist, as I did not attend any makeup artistry schools in Hollywood, I didn’t have a special effects background and I was not a MAC trained makeup artist. However, I learned that even though most women bring me inspiration photos that are very dramatic and they say they want dramatic makeup, they are more comfortable in less makeup than the inspiration photo.

I often tell my clients that I want people to see my clients and not notice their makeup. To me, if you can only see black eyeliner, and not the eyecolor, it’s too extreme.

The Lord has also blessed me with amazing photography connections and the opportunity to be published in several local magazine publications and some national blogs!

Teresa: I know that you’re very well known in the wedding business. What makes you decide to shift to do make up for portraits?

Keri Ann: I love to do makeup for “all of life’s special events!”. Weddings are so special and it’s an honor to serve women on such a memorable day, but I love doing makeup for portraits and other events too. Portrait makeup is more relaxing for me, as most clients are relaxed and looking forward to their photo session. When clients are nervous or stressed, I do feel that pressure and stress too (and weddings can be stressful).

Teresa: Would you tell us more about your business? What kind of services do you offer?

Keri Ann: Sure!

I teach private makeup lessons – I even encourage clients to bring their own makeup kits, so I can show them how to use products they own in new ways.

I offer Sips & Tips events – this is a fun ladies day/night out event for a small group. The hostess provides the sips. I provide the inside makeup artist tips and a few surprises for the guests. There is no product to purchase or networking marketing plan to listent to – just great advice!

I offer gift certificates for makeup services.

Of course, I offer in-studio and on-location, makeup servies.

I have a blog and push out makeup tips and professional images tips on social media AND I also speak to busy professionals about professional image.

Teresa: Thank you so much for your time. I’m really excited for you and it’s been such a pleasure to know you more! I look forward to collaborating with you in the near future!

Once Upon A Dream | There Is A Season | Makeup Artist Keri Ann | Houston Portrait Photographer | Teresa Yiu Photography